1 lb                                skirt steak, salt, pepper, cooked on HOT.  Grill until medium/well and thinly sliced and diced.

4                                    small corn tortillas, grilled

½                                   avocado mashed and salted, spread onto tortillas

1 ea                               red onion, caramelized

4 oz                                pineapple, grilled with canola oil, then diced



1 ea                               chayote, julienned

2 oz                                green cabbage, julienned

2 splashes                      tobasco sauce

1 tsp                              paprika

                                      Cilantro, chopped

                                      Scallions, chopped



-          Mix together and season with salt and pepper

-          Place onions, avocado, steak and slaw into a tortilla

-          Use extra slaw on side of the plate



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